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Coffee Rescue Mocha is here. Make any of our premium coffees and flavors a Mocha and discover what your taste buds have been missing!


Coffee Rescue is a new and innovative way to connect people with one of the most popular beverages in the world. Coffee! Our coffee is different and unique. We use different blends of locally micro-roasted beans to ensure freshness that you just can't get from the grocery store or the chain coffee shops. Click Here to learn more about how our coffee is different.

Coffee Rescue isn't just coffee. We are flavor perfectionists and mix artists. We apply our signature to every beverage we serve. In addition to coffee, we put our unique flavor spin on hot cocoa, hot apple cider, and soda. With flavor creations like Hot Caramel Cinnamon Apple Cider, and Choconut (Coconut Hot cocoa), we have a reputation for unique falvor creations that are "beyond delicious".

Light Roast Coffee | Yergacheffe

Direct from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee

Ethiopian yergacheffe coffee is one of the oldest and least known coffee beans in the United States. It was discovered in 840 B.C. when a goat farmer named Kaldi observed his flocks' intense antics after consuming strange red berries from an unfamiliar tree. Kaldi sampled the berries for himself and felt a surge of exhilaration. He rushed to share his discovery with local religious leaders who came to the conclusion that the beans create a "wakeful" state and that wakefulness promoted prayer. Soon, this new beverage became a staple of religious ceremonies across the middle-east and was the foundation of Arabian coffee.

Ethiopian yergacheffe coffee is considered to be the finest Ethiopian coffee and one of the finest in the world. Yergacheffe has a very distinctive floral bouquet, rich body, pleasingly fragrant aroma and a smooth mellowness that is unique to yergacheffe coffee. Coffee Rescue makes sure to have these beans lightly roasted because of their delicacy, unique flavor and to preserve the spiritual heritage of the yergacheffe beans ability to promote wakefulness and prayer.

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Fair Trade Coffee

Fair trade is a partnership between coffee farmers and importers that promotes greater equity in international coffee trade. Fair trade practices allow coffee farmers to work directly with coffee importers and negotiate prices for the beans. This prevents middlemen from manipulating prices and taking advantage of coffee farmers.

Use of Fair Trade practices reduces poverty for coffee farmers in developing countries, promotes better working conditions for workers, and produces high quality coffee products that can compete in a global marketplace. Please support fair trade products.

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